#4 Einschreiben, bitte! Wie finde ich eigentlich den richtigen Studiengang?


Das Abi liegt hinter dir, jetzt geht es los. Das Studium. Auch, wenn du jetzt vielleicht voller Vorfreude in deine Zukunft blickst, kommst du um diese Frage nicht herum: Was sollst du nur studieren?

Bei der Wahl des richtigen Studiengangs kann ein enormer Druck auf den Schultern lasten. Was macht mir Spaß? Kann man damit überhaupt Geld verdienen? Wo soll ich mich denn eigentlich einschreiben, Maschinenbau oder doch eher Kunst? Einschreiben, wie geht das überhaupt?

In Deutschland gibt es über 20.000 Studiengänge. Dass man da vor lauter Bäumen den Wald nicht sieht, ist kein Wunder. Wie du trotzdem den richtigen Studiengang für dich finden kannst, darüber reden wir in der ersten Folge der zweiten Staffel von „Einschreiben, bitte!“ Der Podcast rund ums Thema Studium, präsentiert vom Verband der Privaten Hochschulen.

In dieser Folge sprechen wir mit zwei Studentinnen: Luise und Maria. Luise studiert Wirtschaft und Schauspiel an der Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft, Maria Jura an der Bucerius Law School – zwei Disziplinen, die erst mal wenig eint. Doch eines haben beide gemeinsam: Nach langem Grübeln und Suchen haben sie einen Studiengang gefunden, der richtig gut zu ihnen passt. Und deswegen haben Luise und Maria auch ein ganzes Repertoire an Tipps, mit denen du herausfinden kannst, welches Studienfach für dich das richtige ist.

Du schwankst zwischen zwei Fächern? Dann wäre ein Kombinationsstudiengang vielleicht etwas für dich. Warum es sich lohnt, zwei Fächer zu studieren, die auf den ersten Blick kaum etwas miteinander zu tun haben, erklärt Dominik Schiefner, Professor für Schauspiel an der Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft. Er hat einen kurzen Gastauftritt und erzählt vom einzigarten Studiengang „Wirtschaft und Schauspiel“, den er mitentwickelt hat.

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00:00:00: Music.

00:00:07: We finished our advancement unit immobilized for NATO angry snow.

00:00:13: Quotes from studium stanza feel you mentioned now these of Agra on Violet is a frog has a fish tank ripped us off Villa anger border.

00:00:20: Online command guns over and test mahanadi River odenwald a custodian past as good as new pataga and in Horseshoe in on guns filled in for material.

00:00:30: Whoosh we are kinda stuff is gonna sign or do Nia.

00:00:34: Exact same as or they are stood even moister content as a mess that's fancy Islands 1620 sounds fancy social media it's fancy 2002 lien gang movie.

00:00:44: It sounds a thousand student gang.

00:00:52: Baby are you rock a monistic slug in physiotherapy a star.

00:00:59: We petitioned the meditate and uh I didn't hey

00:01:05: it's been Stellar on the game in Thailand is a photograph on einschreiben better than podcast window Steamers rhodium cousin tiered from Vermont a private movie showing off the zoo.

00:01:15: And 12 2015 perfect an Australian gang the ends of Fitness namely your help - easy then our vendor provides loading dock

00:01:22: taking her stabilized scope this number here victims gaining Hunter then person and studiengang should an individual and first elements of Finland is that I have is fallible and midwinter reached 100,000.

00:01:35: Denise notice verse is and Shines on an outer V withdrawn klein-gordon sturdy and my practice but Suga Navajo shoulder or a bowl of spaghetti I didn't

00:01:46: police the Sloan safety Suzuki ends two names you can cite National Cash Barn above is Oatman of your Vista we've endured man.

00:01:55: I've assumed the cloud Quince wasn't shoving them help far and I'm Liam fuck a monastic does that mean to see a devotee he may have for knowledge doctor me a calmness for PS3 yet,

00:02:04: I was on the other 99 any GHB Tavares tanabata vindictive Darkness okra and just talk to him I'm upstairs then Dean Martin and humanistic on tatsunagi

00:02:15: but such as a voltage voltar yeah that's had such as them now for the Studio's gets hacked every time I die now it's number one.

00:02:21: Hey Ian Zach my boosted yeah I need um of us are sturdy and vaulted on the aptus done I'd feel so good Mama

00:02:29: richtigen Shadow Mirror and laughing about English immersion projection student on a personal computer.

00:02:40: Asia or in the language of first time I had already have onions by the students and we need some Minds that's a big I don't envy of the funded and showered on you huh.

00:02:50: The system is in a hidden doors good gang on I'm in the heaviest admitted to Infinity milk cans filled out in the Mexican spot on Harbor and,

00:02:59: but if you got a bad attitude meet some special occasion in London music Technologies to dear that's why our body richtigen shining off indeed a flight.

00:03:09: A Defector.

00:03:12: He'll go ballistic of lamb should yet and happens eh - Shankar mainstream happy about and we tried some into a see attorneys doctors I wrecked it ascended tripping

00:03:23: contestants me about of could find that she communicates unit is to my room guns good Fender will have this happen of Miami and stripping and graphic assets

00:03:31: you know Dean but I bet tickets are only for those are consumed

00:03:35: if I sneaked up as 50 and Redevelopment as a stream its own buildings and it's a bring it on big volcano for me.

00:03:42: It was some Adventure I did not need versus Peter Martin worked on the scallop in these factories to name and Fang how many think they could select

00:03:51: Z24 gallopin on Direct investing vague finding those cans actually I nigga then how I faint man and Studio most unfortunate even an automatic test where intestine that's just a DOT here which is what I have an itch to einem past

00:04:05: but often highlighted been this is mine find in an anal leaking we me apart with your own servers who could be gaining The Physician and she don't got often have madhesi gets quickly sent from in one VLAN on

00:04:17: we underestimate.

00:04:19: Siphon ends and Maria Louisa Lim has even gotten on the Louisiana studiengang often have direct good so in and passed on performance alone can now story and gangs ooh confident man.

00:04:33: No skates,

00:04:34: Louisa to West yet quite forgotten was to studious the country my effect named a significant so I know studiengang heard Harbor on Victoria Schwab e-commerce that suitors prudish reason

00:04:47: yeah in Dutch land Iron Welding studiengang and sheena's

00:04:50: study religion and Theology and there are no social life of constant gesellschaft MIT had a surface near Desmond virus are convenient can on.

00:04:59: Does gaps not neon and even super tight as as his gift and it spins a great day.

00:05:04: Vaidya director XU Lai clad as Muhammad test of kind fire was in Nashville occasionally vicious killer I was confirmation emails and progress has proved to me.

00:05:16: And yeah done habits are and resting which of Sociology you shout or marketing and been impressive of course tools and assistance training and inspector skipped and,

00:05:27: yeah help me start off the bottom and then I'm gonna burn and it should hear is just ridiculous.

00:05:33: Maria visits videos was discussion among others too much DNA test that economists effective as I think protest we come out,

00:05:41: because I'm on and I asked the bull Sondra Aston Martin as a contender

00:05:46: finished and I'm a good one and you know nothing's coming out of man and then verticality flag and Eva chuffed as of might have been at him come as diverge have done the sudden of envy him easy way to go and I have here our Collective here to undercooked and we mention it to her she had done so

00:06:03: I'm done having Gap yoga mat.

00:06:05: Bada out in England Fahrenheit vysya and are happy templates on yeah protestor he came after.

00:06:14: It's frozen and trading signals for tests and undocumented many others who said you are comes awfully important to them to make students pivot arm under

00:06:23: yum do conclusive at Enigma when you are and

00:06:26: it has a sacred and hiding that having a solution has asked to learning and GAP year can also hear fresh Dubai sign have also filmed investment will order

00:06:35: Mia comes English to Tiger leading decision of one percent I'd become a harbor you can all do but English Muhammad away,

00:06:42: not a Truelove eyes and fuck me so I'm gonna pretend I can trust them.

00:06:45: On data found in England vow and the here of all her to anguish hotring on Holly's on gang and.

00:06:52: If you found our blood that make school of government that is one of our Institute of Human Rights and.

00:06:58: Ideas of hot kreygasm is or in spirit and he also Huna pathetic Dubai at his head neck and back to Tiger catch toned.

00:07:06: That was just an okay ignore something breaks we would expect the opposite direction at a maybe Tony.

00:07:13: Nine demise and for my infant and I'm an associate kamat on data about lamb bollock the key is the first image of our tiny 40 and Outland on.

00:07:22: Bitte missteps fintan good and cam coronavirus has contest light a niche market of infinite had someone for specialization as a shot,

00:07:29: try monitor our Congressional intent or collaborated and charged with jobs and marked on this car but only this Gap year had a hinny my heart that I remarked.

00:07:37: I decided to set me off in Tabasco product of any conditions outlined Concepts.

00:07:41: Decide if dear disturbs canceled an service investor mostest on yeah let's end it for this club human feeling.

00:07:49: Student Ron Williams prompted his own vision and he's a victim of food Hub motor vehicle comes today day.

00:07:59: Yeah as an issue that many film again the size table is too busy enough options American buffer zones LeBlanc bourbon we could form a good read on that and I'll convert the entire genome this has too busy in an airport is man,

00:08:12: Ava that's endless.

00:08:14: This is had against an analyst Nouveau and habit and Für Mich my before I am by a acting on Valentine's Day joke on dodging fanzine and oblong fabric you know family said he stopped by and that had me and for the whole family.

00:08:27: The fun of it socialist and bar and yeah I'd exactly how many architects.

00:08:33: - so I kind of iron for let's enjoy ourselves to come our canals on citation you might see the students on the phone.

00:08:42: Madea it can be enforced in any you are GB Coleman died natural order our opinion is so typical sponsor,

00:08:48: get out as I said in one foot 25 hedge fund or as I wished I had my chlorine only Sofia contacted so yes teens,

00:08:56: Canada is a very obviously this is a desert Titan England with McCann fouls island has a super field a design and magazines have advocated compact have.

00:09:05: Doesn't receive M Tire as I kept me initial mmm.

00:09:09: And deep leadership rectangular area that I'm Rhonda I hope have id'd ahmed's understand and have diagram act as it is has yeah this is iclicker you start talking that sounds like.

00:09:20: Cancer Fund in the have a combination of gametes or concrete around Australia as well as some pop stock for me I've always had.

00:09:27: Make a tree at the surfaces or yada and Sean and I do not have a ton of type critique of modernity because England took a come bomb.

00:09:38: Does that mean he's done I count on my bush detect as a designer one that can fly under under the neck Consulting agency.

00:09:44: On this atmosphere and I can't slide as desire energy activity and that helmet Krishna had the honorable stacked

00:09:53: and offenders five yards the nerves I have Hunger Game heightened my demon making us to find n the end of England's on the school system.

00:10:02: I'm shops and I kind of national and state initiative in Canada also practicas and I found it totally mukhlis carried a shout-out to my practice I know she will touch on on.

00:10:12: It's an odd sense of the environment of good milk listeria.

00:10:15: Uni infection have data showing the actual a family-run variable whose value is beta M LG in world this is the organic wasn't hiding

00:10:23: as it is endlich had asthma extreme anxiety the entire room

00:10:27: - to him have his ambition and Joker I have by designed and written about in file systems on a festival going on the table tennis match the flag to keep the Carnage me first and just for my gun system to Martin water to meet his friend.

00:10:40: Selling tight calm and happy naturally our bars and enzyme inhibition motivation about Mia happy.

00:10:48: The motivation Mia to visit Auntie fats again and again some material Maria business but here you have Emma,

00:10:55: glad you mention Rings about much Titan about my can make you holla at least of your mother as a man can.

00:11:02: Based on my van Man convicted of an attorney McKinnon avocados because I had shoved into politique on diesel fuel had Andrew clicking on weekly khitan

00:11:11: Em Get me dr. typo3 go Jesus mass of a medium and large plasma twisting big fin does our musicians and a tune.

00:11:20: Cut it as kind of the Odd as if you have a giraffe decided I'd take some candy I got after to you have it I guess it's my soul and deconcentration institution has to papian.

00:11:31: Not on I'm talking about a possum active are a huge reason I've had a great time and the smooth I'm fast my heart about my muscles are quickly

00:11:40: quick release by Anonymous does

00:11:42: Alessandro San Fernando Osmond marked of a man was convicted of her brain Karim and accumulate so does Freddie hates my guts to slim down Maja

00:11:50: guns off Tasmania in Sky Hampshire 9-iron long I never pushed him to eat Dave as much the unmarked about how to adjust and Flash tarnished by minding one shaft is needed or the Asian continent a gang sign

00:12:02: these are ones that you hired Vivid Mandi laws on vast Canada by heaven.

00:12:06: Good night as I slept this is a quality 56 L met an Australian while Senators adson as a clown fish turns in my father best of Hollister Salazar God I told you guys,

00:12:17: this debate had another major great for Tessa down Maja understood Alles Ganz Toya Ava.

00:12:24: Club Zürich disturb enacting treatment as Benjamin I'm a doctor a total prude or even this fudge when asked done

00:12:33: tankmen under one accident in the village as Berkeley had had the effect of the ads thank you he is a disgrace to go kid I hadn't gotten Point besides if demon king and

00:12:43: he slapped us can scans which stage the Swagman jackknife attic does not look like the interstate on the smackdown done after tiles or make teachers work leg order

00:12:52: modisett stuff and we have a picnic and virtue of hearthstone crafted other than ever to suspend of Envy a mannequin has given good reason.

00:13:00: Yeah it's kind of nuts which Temazepam Eva's has actually shares or go to find for me.

00:13:05: Music yoga as a dynamic nudge them to Violent stuff here on Asus decision height crazy and it's about length of an arc de Alta disconnected and he has high 21st and misery schemata but as you had me as Asia.

00:13:20: If manage even videos again height most undocumented families often most of these abilities estudia mumbling marking on for my invest in front image Darren.

00:13:30: So crushed outing on ganados had made anger take a good formation is under those.

00:13:34: Lessons has handled a my guns practice version as of mdz device where's Trudy involve isn't on zika above EF intimidating person in studying kung fu

00:13:42: as a naturally feel ourselves cook baskets Australian gang of us for the intro sandwich - I'm good with Ashley time now it's a tiger separately.

00:13:52: I love smoothly here and Gira combination wizard versus best advice for you okay human raincoats and stuff

00:14:02: Den Maria had raped blue is a student gang is the best advice a deep hasn't spy story and Gansu Zaman deity mask and black next on top chef kitchen design content their heads are just an Oscar,

00:14:13: my name is Dominique she's not H have an app of a surface hospital and Allah no social life of constant gesellschaft Benda of the confidence factor I stashed and cones.

00:14:24: Wouldn't a burden Bachelor studiengang good substance Hospital commit and figured and cons appeared feature film combines them with my colleague in Professor doctor.

00:14:34: Battlefield from factories for draft as you've now become a pseudonym studiengang,

00:14:38: is it so difficult is to chain gangs comes some iron vital via a manner constitutionalism the out in fact passage word shaft made in-house ahead.

00:14:48: Wouldn't it does this from Adidas under high test fits 5 voltage constant evaporation,

00:14:54: the amount of the quality it would be credited city of a lesson as I said step is owned ahead and dial on Associated SVT Mukesh cared about time.

00:15:03: On some underhand office getting that occur in to hustle.

00:15:06: As I said spin Oscar Buddha On Studio 10 top-speed of the prom song hardcore sauce Pizza the septic media persons I'd feel in the armed communicative and process known as Al-Qaeda or condone tournament.

00:15:18: When this vegan tricked us they are not be satisfied but I also want to bring but is it really all Zia's affiliation it Punk.

00:15:25: Envision Dish Network television version of Don Chao Fieldhouse.

00:15:29: Hospital hospital is in mind organ of the house built on to communicate even processing as well because they are filled in coconut Biden,

00:15:38: mid feedback is a 21 our button mid designate a unique I'd spill down as a deflection desk and lenders instrumentals culpa.

00:15:48: Student loan.

00:15:49: In between sets made under the mansion with the Roman historian has fit Endeavor chuffed with a draft behind my man Enter he said competence mmm,

00:15:59: how to have them under that slobber it has the structure of anything when the output is a bleak you had intelligent

00:16:06: Doraemon konstantinos or Consulate in an artisan who flashes when which I'll skip the circle Hooverville by to competence and

00:16:15: total mood when decent as of energy had some bad people in the creative Works have to shower in film Productions from Etc

00:16:22: as of way adds a design capacity action it manga the vestiges of the signing of them of them I said here teller leaked and everyone wants her

00:16:30: absolutement in which also there's a good Oscar booted fear adopt him didn't the master kind of change fear pain sets in when he really can about by the firefighter into blogging challenge to the end

00:16:41: this is the essence by semester outside

00:16:45: knock these a contract must be wrong so Sean volunteer interested your SharePoint V is equal to B illusion is a prescribed us even because act as Indians even done that okay it's much The Flash,

00:16:59: voltage but I can certainly work on Lauren and concern can order in scorching game and most to this help our vets have to study an Entourage will indeed in fact.

00:17:06: For by name for themselves bill is has of Mr Graham of such as existence is emphasizing what I'm living for student loans are causing the entire and presents items house bill.

00:17:17: Studium sleeves made in Bachelor of Arts on this Dunya era under 1 horseshoe lunch to Sofia has Canada or gamma and master combat when we finding you want to named yazidi.

00:17:27: Does interest which allows their cause as an office Str

00:17:32: police are canvassing zr+ visitors per second video that bicep by the Enfield has a annoying feature communication interaction or in mileage office personal assistant for a seamstress cough it does suit design 13 EDD were in the red print board members here of focus could under number.

00:17:50: Office in Teressa from the world 110 demon as often dim Sim data package is to he has course as you have a feeling of pressure with mentioned here which I'm hormones are versatile type give me his last installment in squish common this finished ones are spawned

00:18:07: does Facebook dragon tzd have our snack in the lofty and around so never greasy concrete.

00:18:13: India unbeknownst parasha an infrequent or conception harm.

00:18:18: Virtue I've done Shakespeare had asked a Doctor by yet select summary on reserve even Envision the have zero studiengang ago fondant happens eager hard,

00:18:31: as a naturally he was for men to give him one day and saw I had to had to go really bad doesn't ask of after that and the city cut Along by lie about him when I'm in this tigers den of Zack Snyder's to speak to you on his mask a known as into submission.

00:18:46: As a food meat and vegetables man I'm fuckin business in back of your hand on significant in Canton and Gabor and he's hit the target product Mahal has and then

00:18:55: skip kind of Christian can fudge any club does Monday of America mocking skip Nodine week on tin.

00:19:02: Most likely I got us to align option that gets mentioned Defender Heaven about the entire most don't have any money of offended mundane Den

00:19:10: each deity here and it resulted in Vedas Invicta finish a land catnip I cook me so I want to give me a look like a mirror above has come and then young mention rotten directly

00:19:22: complete for Logan's Indonesian jungle and stone Ian gang on a fantasy is done - you're not interested L Hawks remodeled and give doesn't a shit,

00:19:31: and switch to tear into a ditch to eyebrows piglatin provide and I start leaking hope Schuler

00:19:37: as a line does it cut off to the Saiyans ha ocean Island might be a any complex task answer is happy if you liked any Davis man's I can mention dear I hope

00:19:46: activist investor plan is as Mondays and mention mid-afternoon vacant can my interfere and fell.

00:19:53: Spring maintenance cat Versa as we had son heimlich over 95,

00:19:58: Smithsonian we have on fast perfumed I don't find English or Hindi as mcleish studio time and there's Tigers weekly and I couldn't was anger head that's really remarkable really claim as of these Asarco fields or

00:20:10: Rosie image Slavic can't can switch take above he loved

00:20:15: fighting hard against his Harem yeah as I fucking position Elizabeth me was kid who's Chloe can't scoot yeah no feeling for of often Sublime as oh

00:20:26: Carlos gets angry squawking we feed the fish in America scared and skipped also must be as clear as water that I am and found complete arguing on,

00:20:35: have done it any stock is that Kate has also found far and Discovery and fuck their Devastation and thousand tests came out from internet was fast Samia we hadn't initially Bruce Farrar tongue and.

00:20:47: As Canada's house which is that a yeah hey that's really helpful information and,

00:20:51: Davidge of in for a meeting by tatsuki landscape tongue - woman's often fighting wow Ash Pond this,

00:20:59: Canada English but different as I am.

00:21:02: And Madam president a yeah and wish band my shower.

00:21:09: Yeah it's Labs cannot have incision busy a was some on decision Vicki our friend Dan can I do know of a man needs a hospital beard has this year - man and felt like them and the stuff he was under the sand shaded

00:21:21: important is the CEO and go to Milk the sky dumbass time I'll have also filmed investment I can click view it as oh Louisa do have the emotional anguish program designed to provide the whole shoulder I English footage I know Gover

00:21:33: the whom English math and just gives you a doc saraphilo 40 Tyler for provides a horse shoeing and.

00:21:41: Not to Alicia's a state inspector scared astonishing Warehouse to rational.

00:21:45: On Jazz's of vitamins or vanish after party at sea level says it's to do that and that he has managed the second a buttonhole shubin.

00:21:53: And then isolation precautions against away stocks on hand for me Rose by

00:21:58: you know I said Jesus didn't come from a store mine cuz um it didn't happen as could say Stella Beggars Park Monday I had sagas Ikea farted and an impartial for or and it gets any an immense is another stuff only one time Nouveau have to iron

00:22:12: pull under about enjoy it and yeah it's diesel followed her Lexus tian'anmen vert American frontier of hidden fire and Bush Detective.

00:22:21: I've gotten fired as a clam and is so bitching indeed about Adrian and.

00:22:27: My kindness for weakness and scale costed about begin the antagonism and is Anand.

00:22:33: Series knocking I was on before I hear it's a kind Porsche has been heightened moment five nights at when you can find when they search all right on Mark and the sized I've kind of pheasant and afford helluva.

00:22:45: Maria do a shoulder but serious Law School in Hamburg.

00:22:50: We are going on is Mustang we can do is that in science Vida as a Creator Patty student 1950 you run Hamburg and Eli to condition.

00:23:00: That's a dank massive iron.

00:23:03: He's mine yeah this is as a sneaking back to reading album and effect of are familiar diseases provide or any provided on it.

00:23:12: Does Josh like even as Amicus concept about typed and it had my own man get out okay he clubbed us for me as soon as the season Tony me I haven't had a spouse may have asked to her own

00:23:24: and diversity of residents of and even can and Dustin are feeder and delighted to welcome to can.

00:23:31: In the van have a hazard members and often fights among those are going okay Nova he does his categories up leaner come to the only family connection fogger as a truly as number stating the regular on the script Imam,

00:23:45: I'm siloed has already amassed a Indica of time this is thank you by Zoom.

00:23:53: About me again V the color palette is or find are involved this is cliches are up to then.

00:24:01: As a deity those are didn't introduce Hutton mix or design videos with cliches reports yet under sirs by unseen ya gong zuo this is under only sources of time scepter stand as found out on his eyelids are tea,

00:24:15: actually I am over this is Nick Anderson on does finish two triangle name just far.

00:24:22: Fun awesome scampia doesn T cliches but as much as I said snake medicine clearly upfront most demands on can.

00:24:29: Okay and try to make as a Sundance us and they've been devised a physical design they can try to beat you on the other because interior on it and try to making this cliche.

00:24:39: Even though isn't even Maria wasn't yet shown first time and the ones that are further anger common yeah but I'd say yet stand against the megaphone Uncle Leland thank God our Father I have to know how and let's in that seen it in here until you run with gave him much today.

00:24:52: - Carnival chord I had seen a few best I could one is Hutch bars and calista's a club Vedas Akron and its head selecting desire to guides its height - Liam's a Gallop studio and do all the studio masks they're doing as a,

00:25:07: mistimed forecast Falls.

00:25:09: Hans italicized server this is our grandchild omnimon can I choose and tighten up name and side often my practicas with exact time and then finished in plus years old

00:25:20: I'm kind of anxious feelings amongst Asia to investment of unified do you know he's a Libra Maria film thank for this cause please.

00:25:30: Thank you dear Levi Stellan tank idea.

00:25:38: T a Versace Medusa foger a by its I made some Mitch I'm the into lien gang their besonders food so I named past infinite maneuver man unclean suhan

00:25:47: and does his daughters man investment file on our ancient Homeland our webinar thing first I'm gonna fail duplicate the seared 14 Alum of motive yet.

00:25:56: So go ahead of needs out socialism can truly and files the 800 or finding already finding it on finder kind of only a Gala provide rushed at least while I'm waiting for Tyler and inhuman.

00:26:07: Shown by mine find in an onion some and fungus of for God's sake get psyched that's my mother my maid of honor and life empowered understands I'll convey I don't like Angus

00:26:16: we had just pushed him go away from me and Warden of the flag and easy Maria on Ruiz Agusta jobs rebuilding on where they finished zika is cancelled out we were laying the man dying of I resign lips mention are blinkin

00:26:29: thank you frog mentioned you that sustained the depends on the speed cannon on vendor story unveiled online softly fighting cancer forms of bellezza then thunderstorms debating the.

00:26:39: Besides our client about the community indeed initiative artist than oil Bachelor studiengang Josh Kronberg shaft and Allah knows her shoulder at make some mashed potato bashed on the negotiations and her vitals bundle begin.

00:26:52: It's bizarre improve our motion Infiniti I30 52 studiengang India and Pakistan country on Wednesday for him studium get Uncle Marty practice-oriented our studio resigns or capacity and ocean by m 0 V last English to Korean gang.

00:27:08: Lots of Maria Freddy but serious law school and she invites design concept hooks Elizabeth.

00:27:13: This is actor does he flop just the only did Sara best non-melting Muhammad has even come on if Anna doesn't work let's try the perspective of the Iron Horse room as well.

00:27:24: Football practice and tired of them Gators in the nest and flavor from einschreiben bitter each be humid kirino and Judah have we were rongzi fine.

00:27:35: Should I understand English I detest this is be brigands despite her stuff with an einschreiben better than podcast wound on Steamers rhodium,

00:27:42: cousin tiered from Fanta provodnikov showing imported from Studio tedx.

00:27:46: I've been looking for him ever passing Birds than a vanilla in fact is impart cast on to verse 24 2015 when I don't know if we'll get a shined on the other hand drive for indefinite so naturally our buyer was.

00:27:58: Standing on spandex nylon Christian mascot.

00:28:03: Music.

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